What's the Blacklist and how do I add something to it?


The Blacklist is a list of websites that you prefer to not show up in any of your future campaigns.

There are two types of blacklists in Pitchbox:

  1. Global-Level Backlist
    With an account-level blacklist, you can ban a site for any projects or campaigns in your account. This is useful for high-authority sites where you’re certain outreach is of no use (i.e. Wikipedia, Facebook, eHow, etc.)

  2. Project-Level Blacklist
    The project-level blacklist can be used for the following:
    • Banning Competitors from showing up as opportunities
    • Excluding sites with whom you already have a relationship
    • Banning sites that are completely irrelevant to the project, but might be useful in another project.

To manually add a site to your blacklist go to your "Account Settings" and click the tab labeled "Blacklist" on your left-hand menu. Here you'll be able to switch between your "Account-wide Blacklist" and your various Project-level blacklists by clicking on the drop down and switching to your desired blacklist.

You can add new sites to the blacklist by clicking the "+Add Sites to Blacklist" and pasting your list of domains into the pop-up. When your list is complete, click "Add to Blacklist" and your list will be updated.


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