Website Import Campaigns


How to Run a Website Import Campaign

Website Import Campaigns take a .CSV file of URLS (including any personalization data along with it) and performs a bulk upload. This list can be created in a Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet document, but must be saved as a .CSV (Comma-separated value) to be able to upload(Please see example below). Once the list is imported, Pitchbox will then search the sites on your uploaded .csv file for contacts and place all eligible* opportunities into your Inspect screen.

*Please note that this applies to eligible opportunities.  This means that when you do a bulk upload of data, your list may contain very raw, and sometimes irrelevant websites.  How Pitchbox determines whether or not these sites are relevant comes down to several factors.  One factor may be that an item on your URL import already exists within that project in Pitchbox.  When this happens Pitchbox will deduplicate the opportunity.  Another factor that would cause an opportunity to not be eligible for an import is that it doesn’t meet the Quality Metrics that you have setup during the initial campaign upload.  

Basic Website Import Example:

*If your document has headers like “URL” in the above example, make sure to select “Has Headers?” under the CSV Import.

Website Import With Personalization Fields Example:

*Please note in the example above that the optional personalization fields “Company Name” and “Industry” are included. If you choose to include personalization fields during the campaign setup, make sure that you follow the steps to properly associate them with their aligned opportunities.


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